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What you need to know:

There are a few different species in our area.  The one thing they have in common is that they will nest in wood.  However, they do not eat the wood they simply carve out galleries to live in.  Often, they spit out the wood and other debris from the nest.  This material, called “frass”, can usually be found near the nest.  They usually choose wood that is getting water damage of some kind.  Since they do need food it is common to find ants in the kitchen.  The most common species is usually black and about ½ inch long.

Control Measures:

There are many different treatments available including baiting and residual spraying.  Either method has many different possibilities depending upon the situation.  The best control usually involves locating the nest and treating it with an appropriately labeled insecticide.


The small_logodifference:

We spend the time to find the nest.  We have found that most ant nests are located on the exterior walls.  Consequently, most of our treatment is to the outside to target likely nesting areas.  We offer flexible service plans designed to fit your particular circumstances and budget.  Treatments are part of an overall annual service plan.