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What you need to know:

There are, of course, a large variety of species.  However, there are three that usually will try to get into houses.  They are pigeons, starlings and sparrows.  Pigeons are the biggest, starlings will nest in the greatest numbers and sparrows can get into the smallest openings.  Noise of something in the wall is usually the trigger that alerts the occupants that something is wrong.

Control Measures:

There are a few pesticides labeled for control of birds, but trapping or exclusion are the usual methods of control that are available. 

The small_logo difference:

The key to solving your wildlife issue is to determine what is getting in and how they are getting into your structure.  We will inspect the house to determine where the access areas are.  We can take pictures of the areas and show you exactly what is going on.  Once we know what we are dealing with we can provide several options to deal with the problem. Some options might include:

  • Exclusion: We want to exclude the pest from getting into the house.  If there are multiple holes we will close all of them except one.  Then, we install a “one way door or funnel”. This device allows the animal to get out but not back in again.  After waiting a few days the device is removed and the final hole closed.  It should be noted that this method leaves the animal(s) alive and in familiar territory so it has the best chance of finding another home.
  • Trapping:  We can leave a trap or traps set for the animal(s) and once we have caught it(them) we can close up the access hole.