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Ant or Termite ?

Do I have termites? or Do I have ants?

We get questions like this all the time.  The first step is a thorough professional inspection.  We have a unique set of knowledge combining home construction, wood destroying insect biology and years of experience.

Here is how you get started.  Identification is the key.  Listed below are easy to spot differences between the winged reproductives of termites and carpenter ants.


Termite reproductive

Carpenter ant reproductive

Body shape

No distinct segments, cigar shaped 3 distinct segments, hourglass shaped


straight elbowed


2 pair - same size, twice as long as body 2 pair - front wings longer than rear




  1. Mud or dirt tunnels on the interior or exterior walls of the foundation.
  2. Unexplained damage to wood.
  3. Live Swarmers or loose termite wings appearing in the house, usually near light sources in the spring.

Ants or carpenter ants:

  1. Worker ants visible in or on house.
  2. Sawdust with insect parts visible.
  3. Unexplained damage to wood.
  4. Winged reproductives visible.

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